Is there a customer service?

Customer Service is based in Paris.

Our agents are here to help you:

- before your purchase if you have questions about the brand, the product, use cases, delivery....

- after your purchase if you have any questions about configuring and using your product.

- whether you are a private individual or a professional.

They are in the same open space as the technical team that designed the product. The product is also designed and manufactured in Paris.

You can contact them by sending an email to


With the help of the support, you can now make a diagnosis of your Keecker.

To do this, simply select "Settings" in the Keecker application on your smartphone. Then press "Diagnosis" in "Support". You may be asked, during a telephone or e-mail discussion with the support, to make a diagnosis so that we can have precise information about potential problems with your Keecker. When a diagnosis is in progress, you cannot stop it. A diagnostic report will be sent by e-mail to you and Keecker's technical team.

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