How to use the voice command?

Keecker is the first voice-enabled multimedia robot. Just say :

  • for projection and sound :

"Hey Keecker, project on the ceiling"

"Hey Keecker, project on the wall"

"Hey Keecker, turn the projector on/off"

"Hey Keecker, turn the sound on/off"

"Hey Keecker, turn the volume up/down"

"Hey Keecker, launch Touch Projection" (NEW)

"Hey Keecker, set up a timer in () minutes" (NEW)

"Hey Keecker, what temperature is it?" (NEW)

"Hey Keecker, what's the humidity level?" (NEW)

  • for move and navigation :

"Hey Keecker, go to the living room"

"Hey Keecker, go to the charging station"

"Hey Keecker, where are you going?" (NEW)

"Hey Keecker, align to the wall" 

"Hey Keecker, follow me" (NEW)

"Hey Keecker, stop" (for follow me) (NEW)

  • for content :

"Hey Keecker, launch Netflix"

"Hey Keecker, launch Spotify"

"Hey Keecker, launch YouTube"

Here is the complete list of applications compatible with this command: 

Music, Movies, VLC, Netflix, Spotify,, OCS, TV, YouTube, Plex, Kodi, Google Play Musique, Google Drive, Hulu, Twitch, myCANAL, France TV, Google Drive, Moods, Meteo 

  • for fun :

"Hey Keecker, play with the cat" (NEW)

"Hey Keecker, show a fireplace" (NEW)

"Hey Keecker, show an aquarium" (NEW)

"Hey Keecker, show the milkyway" (NEW)

"Hey Keecker, show the beach" (NEW)

"Hey Keecker, vacuum" (NEW)

"Hey Keecker, play happy birthday" (NEW)

"Hey Keecker, talk like santa" (NEW)

"Hey Keecker, play merry christmas" (NEW)


You can also use voice control with:

New voice commands will be added in the software updates.




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