How does the battery charge?

Keecker has been developed to recharge automatically (when the battery level is low), so we strongly encourage you to map your house and indicate in the map the location of the charging station so that it can recharge itself.

Discover the 4 ways to send Keecker to its charging station by clicking here.

Note that you will not be able to put Keecker on its charging station with the application control joystick because of the safety sensors that enable it to avoid obstacles.

It takes 4 hours to fully recharge an empty battery.
The robot will be loaded at 75% after 2 hours (the end of charging is longer).
Keecker can continue to be used indefinitely when it is connected to its charging station.

Here's the specific procedure: 

  1. Open the charging station and check that the cable is properly connected to the charging station and plug it into an electrical outlet.
  2. Check that the robot is turned on. The button under the robot must be pressed towards the inside of the product.
  3. When Keecker is positioned on its charging station, check that the two metal connectors under the robot are connected to the two connectors of the charging station.

Do not push the robot to the end of the station as this may cause the connectors to not be connected. Keecker must not touch the plastic flap. Leave a space (approximately 2 cm) for the connectors to be aligned and connected.

If you charge the robot while it still has battery:
The green light on top of the robot will blink quickly if you have correctly positioned the robot on its station. If this is not the case, check again that all connectors are aligned.

If the robot no longer has a battery at all when you charge it and it has turned off:
Check that the robot is turned on and positioned it correctly on the station. It is necessary to wait at least 15 min before the green light above the robot lights up and indicates that the robot is charging correctly.
If the green light still does not turn on, this means that the battery has been switched on safety. To do this, leave the robot correctly positioned on its station and with the help of a pin or paper clip, press the micro-button on the left side of the station. Repeat the operation if necessary. To avoid this operation, do not wait until the robot shuts down to recharge it.

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